NeoLIVE R2 is a dedicated and professional mixer and signal switcher, which is the first in the world that built-in 5.5-inch LCD monitor for 10 windows & multi-view. With USB 3.0 port, it is able to stream any 4 camera signals to any live streaming Platform or the third-party software like OBS and realize 1080P display without any signal lossless.
What’s more, through NeoLIVE R2 unique STILL|CTL port, users can add picture, and logo during the live streaming. NeoLIVE R2 also support PIP function with any size and position. Two layers and BK layout can meet most live streaming applications with the broadcast level functionality.

Easy and User friendly Operation

NeoLIVE R2 design simply and convenient onboard buttons and knob, users can quick select the input source, add or delete the layer, move layer horizontally or vertically, Scale, ZOOM, audio setting like mix, AFV follow, audio lock, Save and Load, PTZ control, Chroma Key, and Transition effect, and other menu setting. The big button design provide user-friendly operation experience, and user can easily and successfully finish the onboard operation.
NeoLIVE R2 support 4xHDMI input and 1xHDMI output, and 1xUSB3.0 for live streaming and USB STILL|CTL for upgrade and picture insertion, and in the side part of the device, there is audio input and output, and LAN port for remote control.
1080P 60Hz HD Live Streaming without 
Any Signal Lossless by USB 3.0 port
The NeoLIVE R2 supports USB3.0 port which can stream any of the 4xHDMI inputs to any live broadcasting flatform like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter via NeoLIVE software or the third-party
software like OBS. What’s more, it can also connect with PC to live stream the PPT content, website content or the real time live video gaming with seamless switching.
All in One Broadcast Mixer

• Dedicate design with two level reflux heat dissipation

• Fully FPGA structure to realize audio video editing in real time

• 6 x audio control systems supporting flexible and powerful MIX audio & AFV following setting

• Support 4xHDMI inputs and 2xstatic pictures to realize any three windows switching


• Powerful and fast picture input and spot

• Support centrally remote control 4xPTZ cameras

• Powerful DSP arithmetic ability to realize live virtual studio by DSK( Chroma KEY)




NeoLIVE R2 Full Function Demostration
The First Mixer in the World Equipped 
with 5.5-inch LCD Monitor
NeoLIVE R2 can preview all the signals on the 5.5-inch monitor at the same time equipped with multi-view feature. 4 x IN1~IN4 small windows is for previewing the 4 camera signals in real time.
The left bottom window shows the timing, right bottom one shows the PIP switching effect, and the two windows in the middle can add and edit pictures via STILL|CTL port.
Support 4x PTZ camera control
User can connect max up to 4xPTZ cameras to get different angele views scenes. Compared with normal camera like USB, camera with HDMI output have higher quality lens to show
better picture quality. NeoLIVE R2 will central control all the inputs with different format for better and wonderful presentation.
HDMI output and USB3.0 Port
NeoLIVE R2 support USB3.0 output, which can help the PC recognize the camera to realize smooth live streaming via the third party live streaming software, to avoid the compatibility problem between different software.
Both HDMI and USB 3.0 port can be set as HDMI1/2/3/4/PST/PGM/PVW channel to meet the variety of live streaming and live show use.
Use professional microphone
NeoLIVE R2 support 2 independent 3.5 stereo audio input, user can connect them  to the desktop microphone, clipper microphone, or the music player.
All the audio connected with the mixer has relevant button on board for independent setting. What’s more, user can also mix and monitor all the HDMI embedded audio and the 2 x microphone input.
PIP and Broadcast level transition effect
NeoLIVE R2 support PIP and different transition effect, and real time position setting, including FADE, WIPE, DIP, DVE and so on, to make fantastic show. In addition, to avoid accident during the show, NeoLIVE R2 also support Preview function, so user can preset and preview all the signals before switching to the program.
Realize Virtual Broadcast Live Studio
NeoLIVE R2 Chroma Key function can realize vivid virtual broadcast live studio, 
with the powerful DSP algorithm, make perfect Chroma Key, even no need to move the camera.
Central control several cameras
NeoLIVE R2 can remote control the PTZ camera, such as move horizontally or vertically, zoom and so on, so photographer can just focused on the shoot.
T-Bar operation
As a professional mixer, user can use the T-BAR to control various transition effect setting.
Live Talk Show Application
NeoLIVE R2 is ideal for live talk show program, with 4x camera inputs, it can easily switch between 
the close up view and wide angle view, and its mini and compact design make the operation easy and simple.
Education and Training Application
With the compact and portable design, NeoLIVE R2 is ideal for online education and training. User can easily bring them to different location to have a online training, and when connect with PC, it supports logo overlay and various transition effect.
E-sport media live streaming
As long as connect with several game machines and one camera for commentation, users can go live streaming on different game platform. NeoLIVE R2 support live stream at 60hz/second, and users can use PIP function to do live streaming commentation.
Live E-Commercial Business
User can use NeoLIVE R2 to set a virtual studio for live e-commercial sales easily with one camera for product close up showing, one for commendation. When connecting to PC, it will show PPT presentation and recording via live streaming software and then send to different live stream platforms, like Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook and so on.

Business presentation via Skype

NeoLIVE R2 can help Skype recognize it as a web-camera, so during the business presentation, user can set one camera as a close-up view, and one as the wide angle camera, and one more camera as PPT presentation to realize professional business online meeting or presentation.
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