VD2 Plus VD2 Plus
VD2 Plus VD2 Plus
VD2 Plus VD2 Plus
VD2 Plus VD2 Plus


VD2 Plus

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Modular video wall controller
Hardware based professional video wall processor for modern LED/LCD video walls

• Customize Output Resolution by Module
• EDID Management
• 3D Splicing and Switching
• Pixel-to-Pixel Splicing of Multi-channel 4K Inputs
• Visualization Software
• IPAD Control
• Projection Edge Blending
• Display up to 8 Layers by Single Port
• Up to 288 Inputs Load and 160 Outputs Splicing

Universal Video Wall Controller designed for small pixel pitch LED video walls and LCD video walls

Front and Back Panel Introduction

VD2 Plus 面板详情图

  • Modular card design for user-defined input and output configurations, plug & play, hot swappable.

  • 3 dedicated slots for input cards, 2 dedicated slots for output cards, up to 12x8 inputs and outputs.

  • All format cards available for inputs and outputs, including DVI, SDI, IP decoding, HDBaseT, Fiber Optic, 4K@60hz HDMI 2.0 & DP1.4 etc.

  • Ideal for small scale video walls in control rooms, auditoriums, theatres etc.

Seamless Scaling, Switching, Routing and Multi-Windowing for Video Wall Control

LED video wall2

LED video wall Application

LCD videowall

LCD video wall Application

Various control interface for option, including Web GUI, Windows software, iOS & Android APP, and control protocols for third party control like Extron.

control methods for VD series

Featured Application 1

Seamless Scaling across all outputs


Featured Application 2: 

Multiple inputs to multiple outputs with scaling, routing and overlay


Featured Application 3: 

Multiple 4K inputs pixel to pixel splicing enabled by internal synchronization for ultra wide video wall, ideal for stage LED walls applications.


Featured Application 4: 

Multiple videowalls independent setup and control. Each output card can be set with individual output resolution to support different resolutions of display panels and devices.


Featured Application 5

Real-Time Monitoring for inputs and outputs by IP streaming technology. Visualized control software makes the operation easy and intuitive.


customize output resolution by card

Customize Output Resolution By Module

Each installed output module can be independently configured for resolution within 3840px in horizontal and 2048px in vertical, enabling one unit supports multiple displays in different resolutions.

EDID management

EDID Management

Customize input EDID: Support program PC to identify customized resolution, makes "Pixel by Pixel" much easier.

Active 3D processing

Active 3D processing & Splicing

Support left and right eye 3D splicing mode, 120HZ input and output 3D splicing mode. With internal Genlock 3D seamless split fusion, Switching between 2D and 3D switching between 2D and 3D mode could be done by software.

4K splicing

4K Pixel-to-Pixel Splicing

Support multi-channel 4K inputs to realize wide range screen pixel to pixel splicing with internal Genlock Sync.

visualized control software

Visualized Control Software

Real-Time preview and monitoring of inputs and outputs onboard software, intuitive and ease of use. 

8 layers display

Display up to 8 Layers by Single Port

One single port of the output module supports 8 images at the same time. Total 8 layers processing, support any overlaping at any position on the video wall.

iPad control

Control through iPad

Wireless control via iPAD, support different preset switching. Offer Open API for third party control.


0-360 degree rotation splicing

Support any degree (0-360) rotation splicing between different sizes, different display units as LED/LCD/Projectors.

VD inputVD output


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