GoShare is the simplest way to connect or participate in a meeting. It allows the users to share content wirelessly. 
GoShare is based on Linux system, compared with traditional Android system, it is with more stability and safety. 
With default 5GHz transmission, realize less delay signal transfer. Support Windows, Mac, Android, iOS platform and universal HDMI source wireless transmission. 
No cables, no set-up, and no need to wait for joining in. Perfect for meeting room.
Wireless Presentation
Sharing content by Goshare button wirelessly to avoid jumble of cables and adaptors. 
Create tidy and comfortable meeting room.
Wired or Wireless Bridging
T Series support wired or wireless bridging with built-in network card. 
If you want to connect to Internet while casting mobile device, just build the network bridge with current network. 
Sharing your content without interrupting the Internet access.
No Software Installation Compatible for all HDMI Media Source
GoShare can transfer the content of all HDMI media source. 
No need to install extra software. 
Just plug the click button to target device, wait for a few seconds to establish connection, 
the content will be ready to go.
Multi-view for Multiple User
While physical cable connection only support one user presentation at one time,
T Series support single view,1x2 split view,2x2 quad-view or 3x3 split view for multiple user.
System Connection
Application 1: Wireless Presentation
Application 2:AV Sync Switching
Multi Screen Sharing
Dual Output Channel



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