LK9 is a DP HDMI VGA 3in1 to HDBaseT converter, wall mount HDMI DP VGA 
mini switcher over Cat 5 / Cat 6 cable in HDBaseT protocol.
LK9 is an HDMI/DP/VGA wall plate with HDBaseT output. It sends HDMI, audio, bidirectional RS232 and IR signals up to 230ft/70m over a single Cat6/6a cable. It provides a RS232, IR in and out, audio embedded with VGA in front panel, users could switch sources with the front button or RS232 command. LED indicators show the status of each input. There are 2 working modes for LK9, auto mode and manual mode. In auto mode, it will auto detect inputs, and switch to the latest connected source automatically.  In manual mode, users have to switch to the connected source manually. There is a micro USB connector in the front panel, which could be used to update the firmware. RS232 port also available in back cover side. LK9 could be powered up by local supply or POC powered by remote receiver, there is an extra 24V power output if local power is not available .
● HDMI1.4, HDCP1.4 compliant 
● HDBaseTTM technology 
● Use the privately-owned DDC Emulation technology, improved compatibility. 
● Firmware could be updated by Micro-USB 
● Support video resolution from 480P to 4K@60 4:2:0, support 3D video. 
● Transmit 4K video up to 131ft/40m, 1080P video up to 230ft/70m with Cat6/6a cable 
● Uncompressed video, bandwidth 10.2Gbps 
● Support bi-directional IR and RS232 control signal 
● Support audio embedded and de-embedded 
● Support audio separate from video transmit up to 70m 
● Bi-direction POC (power over cable) 24V, one power supply to power up both Tx and Rx 
● Both side support POC on off switch 
● Recommend to use CAT6/6a/7 cable, 70m cable resistance should be less than 10 Ohm
Panel Description 
1. Power Indicator: Solid blue, transmitter is powered on; No light, transmitter is not powered 
2. VGA IN: Connect to VGA source 
3. Audio In: Connect to 3.5mm analog audio, this audio in will embedded to VGA. 
4. IR IN: Connect an IR receiver, the IR signal received from this port will be sent out via HDBaseT receiver. 
5. RS232: Connect a serial RS232 signal here, this RS232 data will pass through to HDBaseT receiver. 
6. HDBaseT Link Indicator:    
a)Solid green, good signal quality from HDBaseT port;    
b)Blinking green, HDBaseT port is disconnected or not transmitting signal    
c)No light, no signal is being received from the HDBaseT port 
7. VGA Indicator:     
a)Solid green, VGA source is connected     
b)No light, there is no VGA source connected or no VGA signal. 
8. Select Button: Used to switch among different inputs. 
9. Service: Firmware update via micro USB port. 
10. IR Out: Connect an IR emitter, the triggered IR signals are received from HDBaseT receiver 
11. DP Indicator:      a)Solid green, DP source is connected      b)No light, there is no DP source connected or no DP signal. 
12. DP IN: Connect to DP source here ex. Mac, PC, laptop. 
13. HDMI Indicator:      
a)Solid green, HDMI source is connected      
b)No light, there is no HDMI source connected or no HDMI signal. 
14. HDMI IN: Connects a HDMI source here ex. Blu-ray player, cable box, etc
Connection and Installation 
Note: When installing the wall plates, do not cover the vents. Doing so may result in damage to 
the product and/or area surrounding it and void the warranty.
EDID and audio Selection
Infrared(IR) Distribution 
The EX range of HDBaseT products include multiple options for control and routing of IR. 
IR Emitter - Included
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