LK8-D is a set of DVI to HDBaseT converters, HDBaseT transceivers, 
Extending HD DVI video signals over Cat 5/Cat 6 cable up to 230ft/70m
Our HDBaseTTM products offer the very best in performance and flexibility. 
LK8-D extender can send DVI, audio, and bi-directional RS232 and IR signals up to 230ft/70m over a single Cat6/6a cable. 
It provides an economical and effective way for extending DVI 1920*1080 with embedded multi-channel audio from DVI sources. 
In addition, both transmitter and receiver can send power over cable to the other end. 
The compact enclosure size and remote power capability make LK8-D ideal for discreet placement behind flat-panel displays, or wherever needed to meet installation requirements. 
▪ Proven HDBaseTTM technology offering uncompromised video quality and reliability 
▪ Extends 1080P up to 230ft/70m over a single CAT6/6a cable – shielded cable recommended 
▪ Supports all industry standard video resolutions 
▪ HDCP2.2 compliant 
▪ Remote power capability – only one external power supply is needed 
▪ EDID and HDCP pass through 
▪ CEC pass through 
▪ Two-way RS232 and IR communication 
▪ Supplied with wideband 30-60KHz infrared cables as full kit 
Panel Description 
1. HDBT OUT: Connect a cat6/6a cable from here to an LK8-D receiver 
2. Link Indicator: 
a) Solid green, good signal quality from HDBaseT port; 
b) Blink green, HDBaseT port is disconnected or not transmitting signal 
c) No light, no signal is being received from the HDBaseT port
 3. HDCP Indicator: 
a) Solid green, HDBaseT port is transmitting video with HDCP 
b) Blink green, HDBaseT port is transmitting video without HDCP 
c) No light, no video is being received from the HDBaseT port 
4. Power Port: Connect included power adapter here.
5. Power Indicator: Solid blue, transmitter is powered on; No light, transmitter is not powered. 
6. RS232 Port: Connect a serial RS232 signal here. 
7. DVI IN: Connect an DVI source here ex. Blu-ray player, cable box, etc. Receiver
Connection and Installation 
Note: When installing extenders, do not install in an enclosed area or cover the vents. 
Doing so may result in damage to the product and/or area surrounding it and void the warranty.
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