MD2-4K Dual-Channel 4K Multi-Function Switcher
5.5-Inch HD Touch Screen / Dual-Channel 4K Streaming and 4K Monitoring Modes 
Supports Real Time Recording and Network Streaming / Supports Dual Redundant Battery Power Supply
The MD2-4K is a 4K capture, switching, and streaming device that features dual-channel 4K streaming and 4K monitoring modes. It integrates multiple function such as streaming switcher, professional monitoring, and network live streaming. The 5.5-inch HD touch screen combines with a simple and user-friendly interface ensures users can use it quickly. It also supports real time recording and dual backup external battery power supply, making it easy to achieve high-quality live streaming and recording both indoors and outdoors. Its versatility and convenience make it an ideal choice for various live streaming and recording scenarios.
● Built-in 5.5-inch Touch Screen with High Brightness 
● Dual Operation Mode for 4K Streaming Switcher and Monitor 
● Type-C USB 3.0 Lossless Capture for AUX Channel
● Support Real-time Recording and Network Streaming 
● Supports Various DVE Transition Effects 
● Redundant Power Supply with F970 Battery
Built-in 5.5-inch HD Touch Screen
The MD2-4K features a built-in 5.5-inch HD touch screen that supports monitoring and menu touch control, eliminating the need for an external monitor and additional costs. 
The HD display ensures clear image details even in outdoor situations. 
The intuitive and straightforward UI simplifies and ensures the quick use of the device for users.
Dual HDMI 2.0 4K Inputs with Loop-out for Flexible Signal Management
MC-4K can crop the 4K images in proportion at any position in 4K range to simulate multiple camera images. 
It supports up to 4 x 1080p images as simulated multi-camera image outputs. By connecting a 4k camera as input, 
you can achieve multi-camera effects to simplify the shooting process and reduce the cost. 
It will bright you brand new and unlimited possibilities for image creation.
Built-in DVE Effects for High-Quality Live Streaming
It includes a pre-install library of advanced DVE transition effects, which brings the rich live streaming experience with diverse transitions. 
With multi effects, switching model and preset abjurations simplifies and enrich the professional streaming effects.
Dual 4K Streaming & 4K Monitoring Models
Innovative dual 4K streaming and 4k monitoring model for flexible and various application arisen
Equipped with a variety of exposure models and color analysis tools in 4k model allows users to adjust the best image brightness and accurate image color quickly when adjusting the camera, Assist focus and composition functions help users quickly find the focus point and achieve the best screen layout, In addition, the 3D Lut file is able to acquire unique screen image to significantly improve the efficiency of the device before streaming.
In dual camera streaming and recording, dual 4k switcher model provides multi-scene switching and DVE transitions to help smooth transition between different camera positions, the PIP layout satisfy the needs of various scenarios like education and training, E-commerce and online conferencing and bring a better viewing experience for audience by the switching and layout of each scene.
Flexible Type-C Lossless Capture, Supports 
Multi-Platform Network Streaming
MD2-4K supports Type-C USB3.0 lossless capture to computer for streaming, the output channel can be selected as 
PGM/HDMI1/HDMI2, supporting dual channels streaming in various platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and others at the same time. 
In addition, it also offers instant recording via SD cards and USB drives, providing real-time HD 
content storage without setting up in advance.
Portable Redundant Power Supply for Outdoor Streaming
It supports DC power supply and external battery supply to satisfy the long duration in outdoor streaming and recording. 
It is equipped with dual-backup batteries to ensure the stability of live streaming both indoors and outdoors.
Online conference
The UVC channel will be selected as the web camera for filming in the online conference, and the another input interface connects to the computer for displaying PowerPoint and other meeting materials, so that the participants can clearly watch the important contents and details of the meeting scene, by the real time recording function, it can keep and storage the HD meeting minutes.
Education and Training
In education and training, the MD2-4K can connect to cameras and projectors, presenting both the tutors demonstrations and the theoretical content of the courseware in high definition to students simultaneously. The PIP layout allows switching for the size and position of the courseware and teacher's explanation screens at any time, providing students with a more intuitive learning experience.
Outdoor Activities
The compact and portable design of the MD2-4K makes it very suitable for live streaming in small outdoor events. Its HD screen remains clear even in outdoor environments, and the dual backup external batteries ensure the live streaming endurance. With dual HDMI 2.0 inputs, users can flexibly switch between multiple camera angles to capture exciting moments of the event. Besides, it will reach more audience and expand activity influence by multi-platform network streaming.

E-commerce Live Streaming

The compact and portable MD2-4K is an excellent choice for live streaming sales. Users can quickly adjust the image quality using the 4K monitoring mode before going live. The dual HDMI 2.0 inputs allow users to flexibly switch between different camera angles, capturing either panoramic or close-up shots of the host and products. This enables consumers to interact with the host while also constantly viewing detailed product displays.
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