Built in 5.5 Inch 1080P Touch Screen / Create Full HD Virtual Multi-Camera Video from One Single
   4K CameraSupport Multi Virtual Cameras Movement / Easy Switching Between Horizontal and Vertical Mode
MC-4K is a brand new 4K multi-camera capture card that integrates high-definition image quality, large-screen preview, and intelligent operation. It not only innovatively owns intutive touch screen operation with easy control, but also has functions such as multi-camera cropping, camera movement, and solid color output, which brings users unprecedented imaging experience. Equipped with an audio monitoring interface, it achieves synchronization between audio and video and provide unlimited possibilities for your image creation.
● Built-in 5.5-inch 1080p Display 
● Visual touch screen operation 
● Supports 4K input and loop-out with higher image quality 
● Supports proportional cropping for multiple camera positions 
● Supports multi virtual camera movement , making the image 
    transition more advanced and smooth
● Support solid color output for multi-camera function 
● Supports switching between horizontal and vertical screens, 
    and flip settings for horizontal and vertical mirroring 
● Equipped with audio input interface to monitor input and 
    output audio at any time
Built-in 5.5-inch 1080p Intutive Touch Screen Operation
It is equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080p high-definition large screen with real time image capture in details. 
Through the intutive touch screen operation, it is easy to adjusts the screen ratio, camera switching, or performs other complex operations. 
The perfect combination of preview and touch-screen operation makes the operation more convenient and easily.
Simulated Multi-Camera Images for Overall Control
MC-4K can crop the 4K images in proportion at any position in 4K range to simulate multiple camera images. 
It supports up to 4 x 1080p images as simulated multi-camera image outputs. 
By connecting a 4k camera as input, you can achieve multi-camera effects to simplify the shooting process and reduce the cost. 
It will bright you brand new and unlimited possibilities for image creation.
Multi-Camera Movement Function
It has a multi-camera movement function, which can simulate camera movement among various images , 
making the image transition more natural and bringing a smooth visual experience to the audience. 
Not only that, user can adjust the camera speed to gain a sense of flexibility, making the live broadcast studio more distinctive. 
Whether it’s quick switch or slow transition, the camera movement function can easily handle it and meet your different creative needs.
Support High End Multi-Cam Live Broadcasting
Compared with NeoLIVE R2, The NeoLIVE R2 Plus can do live streaming 
directly via built-in stream engine on platform like Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook Live 
and so on when connect with Ethernet.
Live Interview
It supports a variety of screen adjustment functions. Through screen cropping, the interviewer can be cropped to use as close-up images. The cropped images can be used to simulate the switching of multiple camera through the camera movement function. At the same time, it also supports a variety of input sources and easily connect to different audio and video equipments, bringing more diverse contents for the shows.
E-Commerce Live Streaming
It is the best choice for e-commerce live broadcast studios. It can realize multiple cameras switching and capture panoramic or close-up shots between the anchor and the product. In addition, user can also add preset LUT files to the 4K capture card, so that we can display the color details of the product more vividly to the audience during the live broadcast, bringing more traffic to the live broadcast studio.
Education and Training
It brings more interactivity and fun to teaching. It can be connected to cameras, projectors and other equipment to present teaching content to students in high-definition quality, allowing them to see the teacher's demonstrations and explanations more clearly. At the same time, teachers can also use the flip function for real-time interaction, such as switching from vertical lecture mode to horizontal display of the blackboard or commenting on students' homework, etc., to improve the teaching effect.

Business Presentation

In business meetings, multi-camera switching can be achieved through the capture card. Only one camera is needed to capture the entire episode, and the captured 4K image can be cropped in proportions at any position in the range, therefore, flexibly switching between the speaker and the PPT display can be achieved and, enhance the effect of the speech. User can also use the PIP function to enhance the experience of business speeches.
HDMI Dual Output for Multi-Screen Preview
It is equipped with dual HDMI outputs, which can transmit the 
program screen to two displays at the same time, and can 
easily fit the needs of multi preview in the live broadcast.
Connect Microphone & Audio Monitoring
It is equipped with a headphone monitoring interface, 
which can be connected to desktop microphones and 
lavalier microphones for real-time monitoring of any 
input or output channel.
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