SD8 / SD6


SD8 / SD6 video distribution structure, built-in DVI distributor with 4 DVI distribution, each input can be assigned to 2 output. 
SD8 is well-designed with a card push-pull structure which supports 8 sender card slots(4 Nova MSD600) makes installation easier.
SD8 / SD6 is compatible with all manufacturers' sender cards, including Linsn 801/ 802, Nova MSD300, MSD600, Mooncell, Colorlight and DBSTAR.
SD8 / SD6 signal adaptive matching design solves the problem of signals high-resolution interference and non-synchronization during distribution. The distribution system solves the problems of cascade and signal backup and also protects the interface of the sending card. The SD8 / SD6 has high speed fan to solve the heat dissipation.
● Built-in Fan
● Compatible with all manufacturers' sender cards, support 8 small cards or 4 big cards.
● Unified installation management to reduce purchasing costs.
● Drawer design, no need to disassemble the device.
● DVI signal distribution, each DVI input is assigned to 2 DVI outputs.


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