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4K LED video processor with HDMI2.0 output
HDR10 More colorful and brilliant display
4K@60Hz 4:4:4 10bit Processing
4K@60Hz Inputs and Outputs

• Support HDR Color Reduction and Enhancement
• Support DP1.2 / HDMI2.0 4K@60Hz Input
• Support HDMI2.0 4K@60Hz Output
• Support Any 4k Preview Input
• Support Any 4K PIP Input Channel
• Support EDID Management, P2P Display
• Support Embedded Audio Decoder, Video and Audio Synchronization
• Support 420 | 422 | 444 Video Format
• Support Open Control Protocol
• Support PIP

4K LED Video Processor with HDR


  • true 4K video processor with 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 in and out for LED displays.

  • HDR10 processing for enhanced image quality

  • Ideal for working with 4K LED sender card

Featured Application 1

Seamless Scaling and Switching within 4K resolution


Featured Application 2

Multiple Devices Cascade Splicing for LED displays beyond 4K


Featured Application 3

4K 60Hz any channel multi-layer layout




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