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Modular video wall controller
Hardware based professional video wall processor for modern LED/LCD video walls

• Customize Output Resolution by Module
• EDID Management
• 3D Splicing and Switching
• Pixel-to-Pixel Splicing of Multi-channel 4K Inputs
• Visualization Software
• IPAD Control
• Projection Edge Blending
• Display up to 8 Layers by Single Port
• Up to 288 Inputs Load and 160 Outputs Splicing

Universal Videowall Processor designed for small pixel pitch LED video wall and LCD video wall

Front and Back Panel Introduction


  • Modular card design for user-defined input and output configurations, plug & play, hot swappable.

  • Unique I/O slot compatible for installing both input and output card, enabling ultra flexible expandability.

  • All format cards available for inputs and outputs, including DVI, SDI, IP decoding, HDBaseT, Fiber Optic, 4K@60hz HDMI 2.0 & DP1.4 etc.

Seamless Scaling, Switching, Routing and Multi-Windowing for Video Wall Control

LED video wall2

LED video wall Application

LCD videowall

LCD video wall application

Various control interface for option, including Web GUI, Windows software, iOS & Android APP, and control protocols for third party control like Extron.

control methods for VD series

Featured Application 1

Multiple inputs to multiple outputs with scaling, routing and overlayingVD4详情图_03

Featured Application 2

Multiple 4K inputs pixel to pixel splicing enabled by internal synchronization for ultra wide video wallVD4详情图_04

Featured Application 3

Multiple video walls independent setup and control. Each output card can be set to individual output resolution to support different resolutions of display panels and devices.


Featured Application 4

Real Time Monitoring for inputs and outputs by IP streaming technology. Visualized control software makes the operation so easy and intuitive.



VD inputVD output


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