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LED video processor, LED scaler with USB media player input and SDI

• Seamless switching between any source
• Free customized among 2.5 million
• Plug & Play USB Media Player
• EDID Management
• Open Protocol Control
• Two Sending Card Slot Built-in
• Signal Hot Backup
• Audio & Video Sync Switching

Economical LED video processor, LED scaler

新VA1 -1

  • Dedicated for LED screens and displays within 2.5 million pixels.

  • Built-in 2 USB media player inputs for graphic and video playback on screen

  • 2 slots for installing LED sending cards from any brand, including Novastar, Linsn, Colorlight etc

Featured Application 1: 

Customize Input & Ouput Resolution for Pixel by Pixel Display

VA1 Support customized output resolution. Compatible with any LED screen size within 2.5 million pixels. Use EDID Management to configure input resolution. Realize Pixel by Pixel Display without any stretch or compression.


Featured Application 2: 

Video & Graphic Playback Via USB with in Transition Effects

VA1 has 2 hot-swappable USB inputs on both front and back panel. Support up to 6 transition effects among video and graphic media playback.


Featured Application 3: 

Audio & Video Synchronized Switching

De-embedded audio from the HDMI, DVI and USB media player sources. Support audio & video synchronized switching with 3.5mm audio jack.




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