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All-in-one video processor for LED digital signages

Studio Integration With internal storage
Embedded Control Terminal
No Need Extra Computer
Saving Maintenance Cost

• Update Media on Internal Storage
• Multi-View on Control Terminal
• Support Video, Picture and Rolling OSD Playing
• Support Mobile APP Control, Built in WIFI Hot Spot
• Network Control
• Any Signals Seamless Switching
• Support 2.5 Million Pixels Customized Resolution
• EDID Management
• Signal Hot Backup
• Cascade Connection
• Two Optional Sending Cards Embedded

All-in-One video processor for LED digital signages

Specialised video processor and scaler for LED digital signages, built-in digital signage software, storage on board and even wireless Wi-Fi hot spot for remote control for option.



Application 1: Built in digital signage software and storage

Able to upload on board videos, graphic images and rolling overlay text via the MP1 digital signage software platform. Unlimited layers of windows, ideal for the digital signage application.


Application 2: Cascade Splicing

The MP1 supports Multi-device cascade to reach larger resolutions. 

Using one MP1 as a switching control, and the other MP1 units can complete any type of splicing.  


Application 3: Billboard Application 

Timing scheduled playback of programs for autonomous advertising display.




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